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Welcome House Community

The -Sister Princess- LJ Community
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Welcome to the Sister Princess LJ Community!

This community was created as a tribute to Sister Princess, which comes to us in many forms, including video games (of the dating sim genre), novels, magazine stories, and anime series.

The story chronicles a boy who is whisked away to live in a large mansion (Welcome House) on a mysterious island (Promised Island) and discovers that he has not one, not two, but TWELVE younger sisters, all of whom idolize him greatly, and each addressing him as one of twelve unique variations of the name "brother".

This haven, Welcome House Community, is a fan community meant to allow fans of Sister Princess to come together and rejoice in its undeniable cuteness, sharing thoughts, works, ideas, and making friends.

Welcome House Community Rules

~ Please respect other members of the community! This is self-explanatory, but important above any and all other rules. Different people have different thoughts -- the reason for this is so that we can come together and help each other, not get in each other's way and stop anyone from getting anywhere.

~ Do not flame others, or start wars within the community! If it turns out that you do have an issue with another member, don't make it everyone's problem, and don't try to provoke a violent argument.

~ Be careful when speaking about events within the story timeline! Some members may be new fans, not having learned much about Sister Princess on their own, and it would be courteous to use LJ-cuts when putting posts that involve spoilers. Maybe they don't care about what happens at the end of the story/stories, or maybe they want to find out on their own.

Anyway, remember to be kind and helpful towards the friends you will make here!

Treat everyone as though they were your beloved older brother! XD

If any questions, comments, or concerns about this community (or the activities occuring within) arise, please feel free to contact the creator/maintainer of the Welcome House Community, weaseldog_ltg09.