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Here are a few fanarts I've found. Checky them!

And to start up some discussion, I'll ask the most obvious question- who is your favourite sister? Mine's Yotsuba. Although she's a rather one-dimensional, gimmicky character, Yotsuba is great fun and provides plenty of comedy throughout the series.
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Wow! Those fanarts are gorgeous! :D

By the way, welcome to the community! Hee, another Yotsuba lover, yay!
I'll post some more fanart in the next few days. Maybe I'll post the rather strange one with Yotsuba wrestling Tifa.
Yay! Aria!Aria and Young Chikage! ^___^

I don't even really know which sister is my favorite... I like each of them for different reasons. Though I think Rinrin, Mamoru, and Yotsuba are all strong contenders for the spot. xD;;;
Yeah, it's hard to choose, they're all so adorable! The only sister I don't love is Hinako, as I find her voice slightly irritating.